What does SEI (Superior Energy Innovations) do?
Superior Energy Innovations offers a smart and complete way to make your house more comfortable and energy efficient. We also help you find the programs that best suit your individual needs and represent most savings. 

What services does SEI provide?
We offers assessment and installation services. During an assessment, a (SEI), BPI Certified Inspector, will visit your home to assess your home's current energy performance, and recommend options to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. We will help you understand all of the programs that are currently available to you, and help you take advantage of  all them. Then, our team will perform installations, including air sealing, window replacement, insulation, air and duct tightening, heating venting and cooling systems (HVAC), lighting, air quality monitoring, and more.

What's involved in a home assessment?
A (SEI), BPI Certified Inspector, will conduct a series of diagnostic tests to determine your home's energy efficiency. Afterwards, we'll discuss the results and make recommendations on what can be done to improve your home's performance.

How long does the assessment take?
Approximately two to four hours.

Do I have to be there?
Someone over the age of 18 must be present. A homeowner should be present to answer any specific questions and discuss the results of the assessment.

What will I learn?
After testing is complete, you'll learn the results and see how your house compares with others of its size and age. Your SEI Advisor will discuss recommended improvements—as well as potential energy savings. You may be surprised to learn that a small fix can make a big impact on your home's efficiency.

What does the assessment cost?
Currently cost of assessment paid to Superior Energy Innovations by NYSERDA. No cost to homeowner or renter unless additional work is requested!

I'm building a new home. Can I participate?
Superior Energy Innovations solutions are specifically designed for existing homes. You can find an Energy Star approved contractor by visiting the Energy Star website to find a new home assessment partner.

What is the Whole Home Energy Savings Guarantee?

We provide a guarantee on whole home energy savings for improvements that are installed by SEI. Please note that we'll need fuel and utility bills at the initial assessment.

Will I benefit from federal tax credits, utility rebates, and other incentives?

We'll show you in detail which home improvement projects will give you the best results. The options will include all costs involved, as well as any rebates and credits you may be eligible for. Currently No cost Energy Assessment Available.

How are utility rebates determined, and where can I get more information?
Contact your provider for utility and fuel rebates. For federal tax credits, consult your tax advisor for eligibility and details under the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act. Programs available through SEI are not tax related. They are available through a, System Benefit Charge, that every homeowner pays on their utility bills monthly. You will still be eligible for additional tax related rebates and incentives after you receive program benefits through SEI. We will be happy to provide you with rebate and tax documentation at your request.   

Is financing available?
Yes. 100% financing is available through program financing. Please see Incentive Page for financing and program incentives available.  

What kinds of home improvement projects do you offer?
Superior Energy Innovations offers a variety of home improvement services, such as, air sealing, window replacement, insulation, duct tightening, air quality monitoring, lighting, and heating, venting,  and heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC). We also offer some general contracting.

How much money can I save by having Superior Energy Innovations do my home improvement?
With all program benefits and tax credits available you can save more than half of the cost for all energy saving improvements up to $6000+ Rebates and tax credits. You only receive program benefits if you have your improvements done by a BPI accredited contractor. SEI's does not raise our rates for customers who are eligible for program benefits!!

Do I need new windows?
The results of the Whole-House Assessment will reveal whether your windows need to be replaced. If the answer is yes, we can handle it for you.

Do I need a new heating and cooling system?
The results of the Whole-House Assessment will reveal whether your heating and cooling system needs to be replaced. If the answer is yes, we'll handle it for you.

What does it mean to be BPI-certified?
SEI Inspectors have been certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and have completed rigorous training in home performance evaluation. You can rest easy knowing that our Advisors are qualified to provide the highest professional standards for excellence.

Can I have any Contractor Install Improvements?
To take advantage of any program benefits you must have an assessment performed by a BPI Certified Inspector and measures installed by a BPI Accredited Contractor.

What is a "right-sized" heating and cooling system?
"Right-sized" refers to the process of determining which heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) will optimize home performance and result in energy savings.