Superior Energy Innovations, LLC offers all forms of energy efficiency home improvements. All services conducted by Superior Energy Innovations are conducted with the best interests, health, and safety of the customer and their family as priority #1. All services will be done to the highest standards using 20 year or better supplies. As per BPI standards all energy saving home improvements will be required test in and test out procedures to verify quality, savings, and safety prior to starting and completion of all jobs. All work is subject to third party BPI Quality Assurance inspections and guaranteed in writing.

ALL WORK PERFORMED BY SUPERIOR ENERGY INNOVATIONS FOR THE EMPOWER+ TIER 3 PROGRAM IS SUBJECT TO A 50% DISCOUNT BASED ON PROGRAM INCOME REQUIREMENTS. Income levels to qualify have significantly raised recently due to increased funding. Call to see if you what incentives you will qualify for.

Customers are also eligible for rebate programs through utilities. As well as significant tax credits!

ALL WORK PERFORMED BY SUPERIOR ENERGY INNOVATIONS FOR THE EMPOWER+ Tier 1 PROGRAM IS LOW NO COST TO HOMEOWNER OR RENTER. Some specialty installations may require a customer contribution which will be discussed prior to installation. INCOME LEVELS AND FUNDING LEVELS FOR WORK HAVE RECENTLY INCREASESD! Call to see if you will qualify for $1000's of dollars worth of work at no cost to you or your renters. 

Whole Home Energy Assessments:

Our highly trained, BPI Certified technicians will meet with you at your home to conduct a Whole House Energy Assessment. Inspections are conducted using state of the art equipment to determine what areas of the home can be improved to offer the greatest benefit to the home owner. Assessments will be performed before and after improvements to ensure quality and safety. Includes a walk through inspection of your home to provide energy saving, health and safety tips, and information. We will look at your appliances, lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and utility bills to help you evaluate the most cost effective energy savings options.

Also includes a full interior and exterior inspection of your home to identify problem areas. We will perform an inspection of all combustion appliances and perform a worst case combustion zone test. Our certified technicians will perform a blower door test to evaluate heat loss and air leakage problem areas. We will perform pressure diagnostics during blower door inspection to pinpoint issues.

We will perform a full thermal imaging inspection to further evaluate moisture problems and current state of insulation. Following the inspection we will put together detailed reports using our energy assessment software (TREAT) to help illustrate the most beneficial improvements that can be performed on your home. In the end we will provide you with a detailed report using (FLIR) reporting software in addition to your (TREAT) report to provide you with all the information you will need to make the most informed decision on what improvements are most beneficial for your home and families individual needs.


Whole Home Energy Assessment Cost=    $250.........Currently $0 to homeowners regardless of income. Cost paid to us by utility sponsored program for all NY Residents. Call for information on how to sign up for a free assessment! 716-483-0100

EMPOWER+ tier 3 Home Energy Assessments.-  $250..... Currently $0 to homeowners who qualify along with CO/Smoke detectors, LED lightbulb install, door weather stripping, and other energy saving measures that can be done at no cost. Customers will also be eligible for 50% up to $5000 towards any insulation or approved energy saving work you would like done.

Incentives also apply to Rental properties

Commercial Buildings Assessments...............$400..

Cost of below measure will be based on work being completed, size, and condition of structure. Please see Incentives page for details on funding and incentives available to you!!

Air Sealing and Weatherization: In most cases lowest cost and most payback measure! 
Air sealing and weatherization is widely known in the Home Performance industry as the most efficient and cost effective manner of energy saving in most homes today. Using Thermal Imaging, Blower Door technology and pressure diagnostic equipment we will pinpoint all bypass and air leakage areas in the home. The data collected will be processed as a plan of action to eliminate unwanted air infiltration and leakage. Proven air sealing and weatherization techniques will be applied to the home to minimize heat loss while maximizing clean fresh air circulation throughout the home. The result will be a significant savings to heating and cooling cost in the home, and improved health and safety conditions for the occupants. The home will be reevaluated following worked being performed to verify quality and performance of improvements.

Installing Attic and Wall Insulation:
Attic and wall insulation will be evaluated to determine existing conditions. A cost savings plan will be developed to determine the benefit of adding insulation to the existing structure. Insulation will be installed in accordance with Building Performance Institutes quality assurance standards. Following installation the home will be reevaluated to verify quality and performance of improvements. 

Thermal Imaging:
We will thoroughly inspect your home with a top of the line thermal imaging camera to detect issues. We will detect insulation settling, missing insulation, improperly installed insulation, moisture damage, water leaks, hot wires, air leakage, and heat loss. Early detection will yield significant savings over long term damage. All inspections will include a detailed printed report and follow up quality inspection. Hourly rate. Call for Details! 

Window and Door Replacement:
Window and door quality assessment will be conducted during energy audit. Window and door replacement will be evaluated to determine cost effectiveness and air quality gains of replacement. Repairs will be performed to the highest standard of quality. We will help you get all rebates available. The home will be reevaluated following worked being performed to verify quality and performance of improvements. Call for Estimate!

Lighting and Appliance Upgrade and Replacement:
Using industry standards we will evaluate the cost savings of upgrading to energy star appliances and lighting. Based on the age and condition of current appliance many upgrades will pay for themselves in a short time. Changing to more efficient lighting and implementing controls such as programmable thermostats, timers, and occupancy switches will make a significant impact on utility cost. We will install the most beneficial measures for each home owners needs.

Full Service HVAC Contractor:
All heating systems and fuel appliances will be checked for efficiency and safety during our inspection. Follow up servicing and upgrades will be recommended as appropriate based on BPI Standards.

Heating system clean and tune service:
All clean and tune heating system services include full diagnostic checks and cleaning of unit. If issues are found we will make recommendations and provide estimates for follow up work. Cost of Service...$150.00 for all systems . We do not currently service oil equipment.

Heating and AC system replacement and installs:
We are a full service HVAC contractor and a BPI Accredited Heating contractor. We can provide heating system upgrades to Energy Star systems for less than half of the cost of a non-BPI Accredited HVAC contractor, or as low as $1000 in many cases, if you qualify for program incentives. We are the only privately owned, full service BPI Accredited Heating contractor in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties. All of our heating work is guaranteed in writing and includes third party quality control to ensure we provide you with the best possible service available.

Let us show you exceptional service at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.



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